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Loan Pre-Qualification Application

To learn if you qualify for a homeowner's loan, please fill out the form below. In order to qualify, you are required to fill in all the fields. If a field doesn't apply to you (example: you don't have a spouse), please enter N/A in that field.

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Borrower Name:
DOB: 00/00/00

Social Security #: 000-00-0000

City:   State:  Zip Code:  No. of Years:
If less than 2 years, provide previous address:
Phone Numbers
Home :  Work:  Mobile:
Email address:
Number of people living with you:
Current monthly rent:
Marital status:
Spouse's Name: Spouse's DOB: 00/00/00
Spouse's Security #: 000-00-0000
Employer: Number of years on this job:
Gross monthly income:
Spouse's employer: Number of years on this job:
Gross monthly income:
Other monthly household Income
Child Support:
Social Security:
Other income:
Have you owned a home in the past 3 years? Yes No

Consent for Credit Information
I / We hereby consent to have We Help CDC, or its assigns, subcontractors and third-party processors, to obtain any and all information regarding my/our employment, checking and/or savings accounts, credit obligations, and all other credit matters which they may require in connection with my/our application for a loan. I understand that this is not an application for a mortgage loan, but a determination of mortgage capacity. Entering your name(s) and clicking submit is the same as signing your signature.

Borrower's Signature:
Spouse's Signature:

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